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Threelac FAQ

17 March 2010 No comments

Why does Threelac Contain Yeast?

This is a common Question, the yeast in Threelac is very minute and is used to keep the threelac alive in transit. when you have a yeast imbalance - SUGAR is usually the main thing you should be avoiding , not yeast ( unless you have a specific sensitivity to it)

How Long Will a box last? One Month? 2 Months?

One box typically lasts 1 month ( taking 1-2 sachets per day ). Some sites say one box is 2 months supply which may be the case for some people - but for most people one box is one months supply.

I've read a review that says that the Candida comes back after using Threelac. Is this true?

There are 2 Issues Here. 1) Take a look what their site is selling. Threelac is a very popular product and people fabricate reviews online to promote their own product - or promote advertising. They are not valid reviews. In fact one of the sites contacted us for a link from our site to their site so they could get higher rankings in the search engines. 2) Note that Candida is not a condition, nor does it have or need a cure. Candida , in it's correct form is actually beneficial to the body - so you will never be "rid" of it. If you live a hectic lifestyle or don't look after yourself - then you are bound to get things out of balance. The choice is yours.

Do I need special knowledge to get results?

A: No it's not rocket science. Eat sensibly , avoid refined sugar ( for at least the first month or 2 ) and reduce carbohydrate intake and most people get fantastic results. There are a couple of other products that may help - and some people get worse die-off than others, but generally speaking it isn't difficult to experience great results. We have a qualified naturopath on staff to help if you have any concerns.

Is Threelac Safe?

A: The Short Answer is yes! You could think of Threelac as an aggressive probiotic. Many people do experience "die-off" and can a bit grotty for a few days to a couple of weeks ( which is why it's important to start slowly ) . This is usually followed by quite a dramatic increased feeling of well being and mental clarity. we have seen tens of thousands of people get great results and we have an 80-90% reorder rate.

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